Elyssa Jakim


May your inner light extend outward to bless the world

The truth is, we are all magical. Full of limitless capacity to love ourselves and others, to fulfill our desires, to achieve peace. The goal of these high-vibrational healing sessions is to uplift and balance you emotionally, physically, energetically, and spiritually so that you can feel free to play big and shine bright. 

 These are the sessions I offer...

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Intuitive Reading

$180, 60 minutes
$90, 30 minutes*

Also known as a psychic reading. We unpack your current and past situations in order to give you clarity about the choices in front of you. No question is to big, too small, or too specific. During the reading, I open a channel to connect with your divine team. By divine team, I'm referring to the loving spirit guides, angels, elementals (fairies, mermaids, unicorns), ancestors, and ascended master energy here to connect with you. This channel is energetically healing in and of itself. Unicorn, Fairy, and Mermaid readings are also available and can be a focus of the reading. 


Soul Journey

$180, 60 minutes

This is a healing voyage into other realms. Some might call this astral travel or shamanic journeying. I know it as healing through deep meditation that allows you to connect to source energy--letting the divine love heal the body, mind, and spirit. This session can help heal stuck spaces, emotions, patterns, past life, and current life challenges. It can also reveal to you your lineage as a divine being, providing a chance to swim in the uplifting energies of your origins. Here you will discover the archetypes and symbols that help you to tune into your higher self, that help you feel strong. In person, I blend Reiki and hands on work with the journey as another element of the healing.



$180, 60 minutes
$110, 30 minutes*







Reiki is a hands-on energy healing technique, developed in Japan. Also known as chi, Reiki is the energy of life, the animating principle. The Reiki practitioner acts as a channel for this energy, allowing the person who receives it to feel deep levels of calm, healing, and nourishment. Used for everything from headaches to heartaches, Reiki feels like a deep meditation that balances you on every level. I use light massage along with the Reiki because it feels wonderful. I am a Reiki master with a deep appreciation and love for this modality. 




To book or for questions, please email Elyssa@Elyssajakim.com.

*All 30 minutes sessions are done over the phone or Skype. 





Elyssa is one of the most connected and genuine healers/real life goddesses that I have ever come across. She came into my home for a fairy reading and it was such an incredible and magical experience. She helped me connect with my fairy guides and I felt incredibly energized for hours afterwards. She is so sweet and is such a joy to be around. I highly recommend a session with her. 

- Tess

I feel like I am learning to trust myself more deeply after the reading with Elyssa. To know I am supported, loved, and all is well. Now, I am gently emerging in right timing and right action with greater joy. Thank you Elyssa!

- Camilla

I just had the most wonderful and magical weekend learning and being attuned to Reiki 1 and 2 with Elyssa. Elyssa is the most ethereal, comprehensive, magical, wonderful, helpful and proficient spiritual teacher I have encountered. She is so down to earth and puts you completely at ease--feeling confident whilst learning new things. Elyssa truly has a heart of gold and I would highly recommend her classes and courses to skyrocket your healing journey, vibe, and knowledge about anything that she offers and more. Elyssa always answered any question I had helpfully and sincerely. She also brings in an element of fun and lightheartedness that really enhanced the curriculum. I am absolutely looking forward to more spiritual journeys in the future and would highly recommend her to absolutely anyone-- from novice to expert, from muggle to witch or wizard!

- Angela

Elyssa Jakim's readings are the antidote to the modern societal myth that doing requires self-sacrifice and enjoying requires listlessness. Her calm, pure and warm voice connects to a vast resource of ethereal spirits which speak to the core of your mission on this Earth, never adding stress, only removing, never numbing the pain, only alerting you to it for gentle healing. Entrepreneurs and artists who are living out their life's purpose will find a precious resource in Elyssa's spirit readings, which simultaneously remove invisible burdens and obstacles and connect you more firmly to your truest path and your highest self.

- Natti

Elyssa has an angelic energy. In a session she creates a safe and loving space for you to release shame and blockages and explore the wild, magical Mysteries. She nudges you toward your higher self gently but firmly, convincing you to listen to your inner voice even when it's lost behind the noise of anxiety. I recommend her to all seekers of the enchanted within.

- Rose

Elyssa truly has a gift for the healing work she does. You can feel it immediately when you meet her. She recently guided me through a healing journey meditation. It was a transformative experience for me in many ways and opened up so much I didn't know was underlying in going into the session. It was celestial and brought to light some revelations about my origins and essence, and layers I needed to peel in order to be more present with my essence. In spite of the very powerful and emotional nature of my session, Elyssa allowed me to experience it to the fullest and I felt very safe and supported throughout.

- Kathleen